Evoke Snack 6 Series Vending Evoke Snack 6 Series Vending

Evoke Snack 6 by USelectIt | Evoke Snack 6 by USelectIt | The Ultimate Customer Experience

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Introducing the Evoke Snack 6, the bigger, better version of the popular Evoke Snack 5. How does Evoke Snack 6 stack-up to the competition?

<b>More</b> total product capacity

More total product capacity

<b>Larger</b> product display window

Larger product display window

<b>Bigger</b> user interface touchscreen

Bigger user interface touchscreen

<b>More</b> vertical product space

More vertical product space

A premier merchandiser for premier locations.
Attract and engage customers. Increase sales and optimize resources.

The Evoke Snack 6 provides the ultimate vending experience, offers the largest merchandising capability on the market, and requires less visits by the operator resulting in reduced operational costs.

Ideal for high traffic, high volume locations, the Evoke Snack 6 enables operators to improve operational efficiency, drive bottom-line performance, and support business expansion. Evoke Snack 6 utilizes leading technology to help drive sales and customer satisfaction.

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The Ultimate Vending Experience The Ultimate Vending Experience

The Evoke Series combines industry leading technology with a sleek yet durable design to...

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